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Dreams can take a long time to come true.  Goals can seem forever in the distance.  It’s a fairly common outcome to lose our steam in the journey to arrive.  Today I thought I would talk about the importance of symbols and how to use them for the greater good.

Anyone who holds down a job when its not their dream job is to be commended.  It’s hard giving it your all when your heart isn’t in it, but you likely have mouths to feed and bills to pay, right?  If there really is a dream burning in your heart, you are thinking of it 24/7, day in and day out.  It takes a lot of courage to awake to a new day and see that things haven’t changed for you (I hope I’m not making you cry, here – take this quick hug from me!).

Many times I debated (fantasized would be a better word) of stringing a bead-counter across my office.  I would, in my head, slowly move the beads to one side as I counted the times I had been annoyed with someone or something.  Voodoo dolls and stickpins entered my thoughts, too.  I came so close to the real deal in my office, but I stopped. The good me told me it wasn’t the right thing to do.  I would be drowning in negative energy and that doesn’t help anyone.

The RIGHT thing to do is to make positive symbols, ones that help you keep your eye on the prize.  For me, I have this rugged backpack filled with my artists supplies and sketch books (none of my coworkers no a secret artist lives in me).  It was a gift from my husband, so that really elevates the positive vibe level.  It has a little weight to it and the truth is I don’t really need to lug it with me to work everyday… but I do.  The constant visual along with the physical act of carrying my dream with me has been transforming.

I have read that other people wanting to reach their dreams should dress the part.  A physical change in dress can also transform the thoughts of a person.  In the picture, I show another gift from my son, a beautiful woven scarf from Africa.  I am told the richer colors indicate a person of greater wealth.  It makes me feel special, so I wrap up in it and start churning out all kinds of creative thoughts.

Last, but not least is this very simple, little package.  One day, when I was feeling a little sorry for myself and my dream, I decided to wrap up a package, as special as I could make it.  The package would sit in front of me at work and be a little reminder of the exciting things I had in store for myself.  I have probably had that little present near me for over two years (no one said dreams happen overnight).

I hope I have given you some ideas how you can make your dreams and goals more real.  Whatever you do, keep your dream alive!




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