The Naysayers

The Great Piss Abyss

Disclaimer: I am all about keeping it classy. However, sometimes there is no substitute for the right words… Piss Abyss (I was pretty impressed with myself that I thought that up).

The “Piss Abyss” refers to my daily drive of “going over the cliff.” I finally came across an explanation for this phenomenon from the reference to negative effects of mind wandering from the Art of Manliness website:

“When we let our minds wander, we typically drift towards negative thoughts and emotions. We’re focused on unresolved problems, conflicts with co-workers and girlfriends, unfulfilled goals… Research has shown that even neutral thoughts that arise when our mind wanders tend to be shaded with a negative emotional tone. What’s more, once the negative thought/emotion stream gets going during mind wandering, we tend to fixate and ruminate on those thoughts (like a cow chewing its cud), which pulls us deeper and deeper into a funk. Not only do we tend to focus on the negative when our minds wander, that stream of negativity is typically directed at ourselves, because we’re the most common subject of our musings.”

Yep, that’s what happened to me almost every single time on my 30-minute commute. My brain would just drift off and away I would go over the cliff. Bitter and resentful over past events. I would pull into my parking spot at work properly pissed off and in a bad mood. It’s terrible, I did it to myself! I would play things over and over in my mind again. I would marvel at my seeming lack of ability to control this mind wandering puke fest.

It’s not like I didn’t try to snap out of it. “Think happy thoughts” I would say out loud to myself. Now with the whole new Cavvy Ott lifestyle I am doing better, even doing a little conquering. I have to be honest, at times there is some mighty super powers going on as a deflect nasty thoughts. I have to very intentionally admire a beautiful tree, or that curve in the road I’ve been over a hundred times. It’s worth it to arrive to my destination happy!

I wager I am not the only brain surfer out there looking for trouble. Anyone else finding themselves entertaining these thoughts?


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