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Cavvy Ott is a Cast of One

Some would call Cavvy Ott “mindfulness.” That is indeed true. However, I am not very keen on the word mindfulness, I find it boring. Maybe it’s just the way it has been described to me. The more direct benefits I experience from Cavvy Ott moments, the more excited I become to share it with others (read more on benefits).

There is such magnitude in lying down all your side-attentions and focusing on one moment. In psychology, mindfulness is described as a technique in which “one focuses one’s full attention only on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations but not judging them.”

Let’s take eating an apple, for example. You may first smell the sweetness of the apple, admire the flecks of color on the skin, hear the crunch as you bite into it, taste the flavor infuse your mouth. It is a full-on moment with yourself and that apple (some of you may be buying this, and others might be rolling your eyes right now…).

I remember participating in a similar experience. During a presentation, the speaker passing around some candies for which we were instructed to have a mindful moment with. Yes, we all felt very silly and self-conscious as we awkwardly crunched our candy side-by-side our co-workers.

Cavvy Ott is more effective as a cast of one, just as you are reading these words alone right now. Since I have your attention in this instant, let’s do a quick test. Can you right now sustain your focus for one minute on nature, the cup in front of you, the breath you take… without another single outside thought sneaking in?

…And therein lies the problem, the one caveat. Most of us fail and cannot chase those outside thoughts away. Can you imagine immersing yourself for five minutes, ten… one hour? It’s these outside thoughts, responsibilities, problems that constantly weigh us down, preventing us from releasing ourselves and opening up new pathways.

The good thing is that these moments can be strengthened, you can become a pro at it. You will find that you don’t even need to be in the most epic of outdoor setting, you can pull it off with what is in front of you. Stress is daily, my friend. One archenemy may leave, and another one takes its place. A life obligation may fall away, only to be replaced with another.

The world is taking your attention away… it is up to you to bring it back.

-Cavvy Ott

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