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Are You the Victim of a Plot Twist?

Today, I was the victim of a plot-twist. I cannot say I was totally surprised as there were some smaller less-than-ideal interactions leading up to it. It was awful in that it really was the last veil lifted to reveal what this person really was. I was incredibly hurt and disappointed. Read full story…

Plot twists are unexpected, something you don’t see coming. It makes a good story even better… but not so much in every day life. I am talking about when you think you know someone, and it turns out you don’t. I don’t know if its me being a slow learner or ol’ gullible me believing in the best of people. Then there is the “what happened to my gut telling me this is all wrong?”

I chalk it up to the inability to see a good, strong pattern. Or you don’t interact with the person enough to know that they are one bad apple. Or people warned you and you didn’t listen. Or maybe you are the type that rescues puppies and kitties and wants to feel needed. Whatever it is, it happens. I suspect its like waking from a long sleep or trance, and then all of a sudden, you see the person for what they really are.

They back-stabbed you, insulted, lashed out, snuffed out the very special flame of your spirit. THEY HURT YOU, for what would probably seem like no good reason at all. I would guess that your first feeling is anger towards yourself, how could you be so stupid? I’m sure closely following that is a deep sadness. I’m talking about sadness that such a person exists in this world and how could such a thing happen at all.

I don’t know if this will make you feel better, but there may be an explanation. Reflecting on the times I have witnessed this I have to say that it is very likely that the plot twister has a mental illness. I am saying this in all seriousness. A study by the World Health Organization states that 1 in 5 (or 43.8 million) adults experience mental illness in a given year. A lot of injured people are walking among us, ourselves included.

Yes, I know, it is very unsettling to be the victim of a person not thinking straight. My guess is that upon further examination, you will notice a wide berth around this same person, created by an estrangement from their own family members. It’s just not you, although there is probably very little consolation in that thought.

SO… back to my story. I was very hurt, the kind where your face is hot with anger, your heart rate is up, and you just want to hit something. Quickly, I forced my mind to switch gears and tried to put my feelings in reverse. I scanned my kitchen table to “grab” on to something concrete in the present moment. I was trying to Cavvy-Ott myself out of this. My eyes fell on a Valentine’s letter my daughter had opened earlier. It was hand-made with a kind message scrawled on the back from family who are dear to us.


I love this family and their beautiful hearts of gold. Their sincere words wrapped around me and melted the hate away as I touched the intricate fretwork of the greeting. It was an amazing moment – I stopped that ugliness cold.

My wish for you on this Valentine’s Day are many amazing moments in the year ahead. Maybe you experience it with others, or maybe you just make them for yourself. 🙂

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