The Naysayers

I Hate My Job

I feel your pain. It’s not an accident you are here reading this. Maybe your situation is “I love my work but hate my job” or “I love my job but hate my coworkers.” SIGH… seems to be a case of a dog chasing its tail.

There are plenty of sites out there that are going to counsel you on moving on and getting a better job (dream job). You will find plenty of advice on dealing with coworkers or a boss you despise. I’m here to say that chances are, no job change will immediately take place, so let’s step back and take it all into perspective. Just like the rest of your life, nothing is constant. Everything is in a state of flux. Maybe you are new and young, on the bottom of the totem pole and you don’t seem to have a voice. Maybe there is that difficult person, and one day they move on or retire (yes, believe it or not it actually happens!). Sometimes the mix of people changes, or a new person walks in, and then suddenly the magic takes off.

Circumstances can change and suddenly we like our job. Being proactive and seeking change within, such as ASKING or SUGGESTING can be pivotal in making our life a bit happier. If you are blessed with people in charge that are good at seeing the bigger picture, they are going to shuffle things around for the greater good (attitudes included). There is always the surprising result of just getting over hump, or arriving at “we understand each other” that makes coworkers able to tolerate each other.

The point is, jobs don’t all have to be unbearable on the journey to reach your dream job. I can tell you that even if you are looking for a different job, it is a sweet thing to be able to tolerate the job you are in during transition. Job happiness is a good part of what defines us, don’t let it become cancerous to your well-being

In the spirit of job happiness, I leave you with this quote:

Happiness, true happiness, is an inner quality. It is a state of mind… If your mind is at peace, but you have nothing else, you can be happy. If you have everything the world can give – pleasure, possessions, power – but lack peace of mind, you can never be happy. -Dada Vaswani


Helpful Tools

Tools of the Trade

Dreams can take a long time to come true.  Goals can seem forever in the distance.  It’s a fairly common outcome to lose our steam in the journey to arrive.  Today I thought I would talk about the importance of symbols and how to use them for the greater good.

Anyone who holds down a job when its not their dream job is to be commended.  It’s hard giving it your all when your heart isn’t in it, but you likely have mouths to feed and bills to pay, right?  If there really is a dream burning in your heart, you are thinking of it 24/7, day in and day out.  It takes a lot of courage to awake to a new day and see that things haven’t changed for you (I hope I’m not making you cry, here – take this quick hug from me!).

Many times I debated (fantasized would be a better word) of stringing a bead-counter across my office.  I would, in my head, slowly move the beads to one side as I counted the times I had been annoyed with someone or something.  Voodoo dolls and stickpins entered my thoughts, too.  I came so close to the real deal in my office, but I stopped. The good me told me it wasn’t the right thing to do.  I would be drowning in negative energy and that doesn’t help anyone.

The RIGHT thing to do is to make positive symbols, ones that help you keep your eye on the prize.  For me, I have this rugged backpack filled with my artists supplies and sketch books (none of my coworkers no a secret artist lives in me).  It was a gift from my husband, so that really elevates the positive vibe level.  It has a little weight to it and the truth is I don’t really need to lug it with me to work everyday… but I do.  The constant visual along with the physical act of carrying my dream with me has been transforming.

I have read that other people wanting to reach their dreams should dress the part.  A physical change in dress can also transform the thoughts of a person.  In the picture, I show another gift from my son, a beautiful woven scarf from Africa.  I am told the richer colors indicate a person of greater wealth.  It makes me feel special, so I wrap up in it and start churning out all kinds of creative thoughts.

Last, but not least is this very simple, little package.  One day, when I was feeling a little sorry for myself and my dream, I decided to wrap up a package, as special as I could make it.  The package would sit in front of me at work and be a little reminder of the exciting things I had in store for myself.  I have probably had that little present near me for over two years (no one said dreams happen overnight).

I hope I have given you some ideas how you can make your dreams and goals more real.  Whatever you do, keep your dream alive!





Cavvy Ott Cornerstones

Why Stepping Away Brings You Closer

The benefits of participating in a Cavvy Ott moment are staggering. As stated in “Cavvy Ott is a Cast of One” we fail at chasing outside thoughts away that constantly weigh us down, preventing us from releasing ourselves and opening up the path to goodness in our life.

Imagine yourself worried about a problem, angry with a family member, or stumped on a project you’re working on.  Are your brows furrowed, the wheels turning in your brain?  You feel quite positive that if you can turn it over in your mind long enough you will fix everything?

Now think of a truck stuck in a muddy rut –  again, wheels spinning.  The desire is to break free, but instead, the truck hopelessly gets more stuck.  I am sure you have heard the very good advice that you just need to “take a break” and it will improve things.

OK, take that break – a walk, a movie, chat with a friend.  Do you find that you are still thinking about the problem?  I have been on plenty of walks where my mind predictably circles back to the issue at hand.  In reality, we are not very good about blotting out the beast from the present moment.

If you were to truly master being in the present, what enters in instead are the sensations of all your five senses.  The burrow on your forehead lifts… your mind is in a state of wonder.  New pathways are opened!

Most importantly, for that moment, we are also dropping negative thoughts about ourselves.  I know that is one yoke I would gladly toss as far as I could. At that point, the premium benefits of Cavvy Ott pour in:  laughing more, an increase of happiness, a sense of well-being.

It is powerful concept to grasp that stepping away from your problems brings you closer to what you ultimately want.

Here is a list of benefits that are within your reach:

Increase happiness
Laugh more
Be authentic to yourself
Bring awareness to your needs
Discover who you are
Live intentionally
Deepen in wisdom
Become more fully present
Increase focus
Strengthen attention
Improve critical thinking
Slow down your life
Appreciate the moment
Think better, clearer, freer
Satisfaction is yours everyday
Experience calm
Reduce anxiety
Relieve stress
Tool to combat depression
Boost memory
Disconnect from technology



Cavvy Ott Cornerstones

Cavvy Ott is a Cast of One

Some would call Cavvy Ott “mindfulness.” That is indeed true. However, I am not very keen on the word mindfulness, I find it boring. Maybe it’s just the way it has been described to me. The more direct benefits I experience from Cavvy Ott moments, the more excited I become to share it with others (read more on benefits).

There is such magnitude in lying down all your side-attentions and focusing on one moment. In psychology, mindfulness is described as a technique in which “one focuses one’s full attention only on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings, and sensations but not judging them.”

Let’s take eating an apple, for example. You may first smell the sweetness of the apple, admire the flecks of color on the skin, hear the crunch as you bite into it, taste the flavor infuse your mouth. It is a full-on moment with yourself and that apple (some of you may be buying this, and others might be rolling your eyes right now…).

I remember participating in a similar experience. During a presentation, the speaker passing around some candies for which we were instructed to have a mindful moment with. Yes, we all felt very silly and self-conscious as we awkwardly crunched our candy side-by-side our co-workers.

Cavvy Ott is more effective as a cast of one, just as you are reading these words alone right now. Since I have your attention in this instant, let’s do a quick test. Can you right now sustain your focus for one minute on nature, the cup in front of you, the breath you take… without another single outside thought sneaking in?

…And therein lies the problem, the one caveat. Most of us fail and cannot chase those outside thoughts away. Can you imagine immersing yourself for five minutes, ten… one hour? It’s these outside thoughts, responsibilities, problems that constantly weigh us down, preventing us from releasing ourselves and opening up new pathways.

The good thing is that these moments can be strengthened, you can become a pro at it. You will find that you don’t even need to be in the most epic of outdoor setting, you can pull it off with what is in front of you. Stress is daily, my friend. One archenemy may leave, and another one takes its place. A life obligation may fall away, only to be replaced with another.

The world is taking your attention away… it is up to you to bring it back.

-Cavvy Ott